Entry Level Semi-Automatic NC/PLC tube bending machines

Dural Semi-Automatic NC/PLC Tube & Pipe Bending Machines

Great value machines. Designed and built as a low investment alternative to CNC to provide High Performance, Profitable Solutions.

Complete with a user-friendly touch screen two axes HMI Numerical Control mixed with mechanical stops. Come complete with the features required to manufacture quality, accurate and repeatable 3D tubular parts from this quality semi-automatic production machine,

Family of five machines capable of bending tube sizes:

  • 32mm/od x 2mm/wt
  • 51mm/od x 3mm/wt
  • 60mm/od x 3mm/wt
  • 76mm/od x 4mm/wt
  • 90mm/od x 4mm/wt

Standard features include:

  • Numerical control to adjust angle of bend in increments of 0.1°
  • Plane of Bend selector (POB) adjustable in increments of 0.1°
  • Distance between bends (DBB) adjustable via sequential mechanical stops along a graduation scale covering the length of the machine.
  • Pressure die assist
  • Mandrel extraction system
  • Mandrel lubrication system
  • Wiper die bracket
  • Full two years parts and labour warranty
  • Installation, commissioning and full operator training can be arranged
  • A full specification and quotation up on request – Just let me know the the machine size that will best fit your pr

Nothing compares – Let’s team up for a Master Class Bending Demonstration.
Complete the form – A demonstration / viewing can be arranged and is recommended.

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