Up-Graded ATT-EB150-2st-CNC

Great Value Priced, powerful British built 150mm 2 stack mandrel tube bending machine

Capable of bending tube sizes up to: (6″) 150mm/od x 5mm/wt

Features and Benefits:

  • Up-graded with the latest software package
  • Manufacturers support available including:
  • Installation, commissioning and high level operator training
  • Part-exchange welcome.

In good working order

With this quality production machine, you will take your production to a new high level. With minimal investment helping you to quickly transform your projects into reality using CNC machines from stock giving you an unfair advantage over your competitors to win new profitable business.

A live or remote demonstration can be arranged and is recommended.

Limited time offer: ‘All pre-owned used machines’ are by their very nature ‘One Off’s’ and once sold cannot be repeated – Don’t miss out, hurry, Act Now!

Nothing compares – Let’s team up for a Master Class Bending Demonstration.
Complete the form – A demonstration can be arranged and is recommended.

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