Compact Mandrel tube bending machines

Compact and powerful. Our fully hydraulic mandrel bending machine offers outstanding build quality with easy handling: complete with PLC control for preselection and storage of the bending angles via touch panel.

Machine sizes/capacities

DB 642K6-42 mm Ø
DB 2076K6-76.1 mm Ø
DB 20101K6-101.6 mm Ø

Standard equipment:

* Extension of the useful length
* Adjustable distance between bends stops along a graduated scale.
* Plane of bend device. Twist angle unit.
* Digital display of length and twisting with tolerance range on request.
* Programmable mandrel retraction
* Mandrel lubrication
* Running counter bearing
* Optional extras: pre-assembly, flanging, internal and external deburring

An ideal machine with an outstanding range to bend and repeat high quality mandrel bends in mild or stainless-steel tube, perfect for the hydraulics, and specialised exhaust industries.

Tool changes and set up is quick and easy. Add or recall a bend programme from the machine memory. All tooling supplied is pre-set drop in tooling, within minutes you will be in production.

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