Single Head Cyberform Selekta 2000 Mk 8

High Performance – Profitable Solutions

Cyberform Selekta 2000 Mk8 Single Head. Capable of bending wire sizes from: 2mm/od up to 8mm/od. Featuring the very latest Pave High Performance CNC Controller Technology and Software

Features and Benefits:

  • PAVE’s highly economical Cyber-Form Selekta 2000 machines have been developed from the successful Cyber Form Twin range.
  • Compact forming centres, unique and robust 360-degree dimensional wire bending capability.
  • The Cyber-Form Selekta 2000 ‘s totally integrated and selectable multi head wire forming facility provides a wide range of ‘in cycle’ wire bending and end finishing options.
  • The fully automatic CNC system allows several normally separate processing operations to be performed at the same time on the same machine, considerably reducing handling and production times and giving substantially reduced cost per product.
  • Full 360 degree three dimensional wire forming capability for complex shapes
  • Patented wire straightening system processes wire in a twist-free condition, allowing accuracy similar to hard tooling
  • Unique twist compensator gives accurate finished form products
  • Double end chamfering unit
  • Moving guillotines for back and front cuts
  • Double pressing station
  • Roll threading unit
  • Triple bend head
  • Manipulation unit for double eye end forming
  • Individual customisation options for specific user requirements such as profile cutting and welding
  • Vertically moving carriage
  • Integrated multi tooling head wire forming facility
  • Robust, highly compact space-saving design with excellent performance history
  • Fully automatic user-friendly technology requires minimum operator training
  • Watch the video which shows the simplicity and user-friendly nature of the Pave control.

Unfair Advantage: Low-cost labour is no longer the value it once appeared to be. Staying close to your market, managing shorter, leaner deliveries gives you an ‘Unfair Advantage’ over your competitors whilst you remain flexible and agile in the face of ever-changing market conditions. 

See what is possible… We make it easy for you to take an Inspirational Masterclass in how to automate your wire bending department with the very latest CNC bending technology. See our on-line Masterclass video demonstrations.

Don’t miss out, hurry, Act Now! With this quality New machine, you will take your production to a new high level. With minimal investment helping you to quickly transform your projects into reality using CNC machines giving you an unfair advantage over your competitors to win new profitable business.

A live or remote demonstration can be arranged and is recommended.

Don’t miss out, hurry, Act Now!

Nothing compares – Let’s team up for a Master Class Bending Demonstration.
Complete the form – A demonstration / viewing can be arranged and is recommended.

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