Service, Support & Refurbishment

Great Value Service, Support and Full Refurbishment when you need it, plus full operator training including tooling selection and setting to get the best results. All just a phone call away

Overhaul and Fully Refurbish

We can make any tube working machine better, faster and smarter. Maximising the return on your investment. We have 120,000 sq/ ft workshop and showroom facilities in Plymouth, South of England. Where we can overhaul and or fully refurbish all types of machines to bring them back to full production capability including retro-fitting the very latest State of the Art CNC controller and software.

Sometimes it is possible to up-grade your CNC tube bending machine/s within a few working weeks: Most often mechanical parts; bearings, bushes, linkages, gears, ball-screws and hydraulics are easily repaired or replaced but electronics are not. Knowing the weakness and shortcomings of most old out of warranty control systems. You can now future proof and up-grade your CNC tube bending machines with the very latest: CNC controller and software and unleash an extra 10 to 20 years of profitable production life!

Hands--TCM-hands211.png Respond – Repair – Replace

Service and Support: Our valued customers can always rely on the highest levels of service and support from our Tube Bending and End Forming time served service engineers. We can provide Service, Support and High level operator / maintenance training for most makes and models of tube working machines.

Telephone: John direct: 07776 213919

Sales office: 01782 953096

It’s a telephone call away: John direct: 07776 213919, Or, complete the form to request a call back…

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