PC400 Profile Bending Machine Control System

High Performance – Profitable Solutions – Used by Professionals

PC400 is a PC-based control system for 3-roller bending machines and the first to offer the capability of controlling bending tasks using dedicated bending software and offers countless advantages for small and large production processes.

Intuitive operation

A High-Performance State-of-the-Art Touch Screen Controller. Bending programs can be created, managed and controlled intuitively on the moveable control terminal, without the need for programming skills. Here the graphic display of the programmed workpiece allows visual inspection of the bending data. Network ready and can easily be integrated into most existing IT infrastructure.

Efficient and Economical

Sequential bending of any number of parts can be bent in one or more passes. Subprograms for the creation of ellipses, handrails for spiral staircases, “Napoleon curves”, S-curves or special shapes are already available as standard. Control of the X and Y-axes enables perfect transitions between radii and straight sections.

Open and expandable

The PC400 is an open system. Whether integrated into a network or as a stand-alone workstation, by means of Siemens S7-1200 the new PC400 also allows the integration of supplementary modules in addition to the control of machines. In this way the PC400 becomes the central control unit for e.g. the 3D bending / turning device, automatic radius measurement system, minimum quantity lubrication MMS, mandrel forward feed or even robots.

Your benefits

  • Performance of the bending process in one or more passes – even where there are different radii within a component
  • Material catalogue / spring-back diagrams can be created for all profiles – up to and including automatic radius measurement
  • All software tools / subprograms included
  • Assignment and access of PDF documentation (image/text) for creation of workpieces using a corresponding program
  • Optional interface with CAD software for the creation of programs based on design data
  • Workplace-independent creation, management and data backup of programs by means of network integration
  • Direct support from PBT experts thanks to the remote maintenance capability

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