What is your view on wealth?

What is your view on wealth?

A Different Way of Thinking to get the results you’re looking for…

You cannot change your destination overnight, But,
you can change your direction – Jim Rohn

Each of us views wealth from a unique perspective. To one-person wealth may mean having enough to do whatever he or she wishes. To another, it may mean freedom from debt. To yet another it may mean the opportunity to grow and to achieve. To the majority who probably haven’t spent too much time thinking about the subject, wealth is simply symbolised by one word: Millionaire. Now there’s an exciting word! It rings of success, freedom, power, influence, pleasure, possibilities and benevolence. Surely, being a millionaire is not a bad mental image to hold. ‘No matter what level of success you aspire to’

You can positively change your life in any five years. From age 35 to 40, age 23 to 28, age 59 to 64 and so on. Before looking at where you want to be in life over the next 2 to 5 years it is important to look at where you are today, and how did you get here? Where you are financially today is an aggregate result of decisions you have made over the last 5 years or more of your life. Just as you should not expect to get rich quick overnight, you should not expect to become a financial wizard overnight either. So, what is the answer?

The fact that you’re reading the content of this article sets you
apart and ahead of 90% of the population.

Setting and achieving your goals can sometimes seem like you are stuck in the middle of a maze or a mine field. This is what puts a lot of people off from trying. Ask yourself, what is the safest, smartest way to cross a mine field?

You have two options:

  1. Trial and error. The problem with trial and error is you are not allowed any mistakes!
  2. The safest way to cross a mine field is to follow someone who knows the way. Follow in their footsteps. Not only is it safer and smarter it is also quicker.
  3. Once you know the way, spend some time showing others the way out of the maze and through the mine field!

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